Pet Dog and Puppy Training

Online Programs - Updated 1st September 2021

All "real" classes are currently suspended.  Online Programs are now available for puppies between 8 weeks and 4 months (Step by Step for Puppies) and for pups 4 - 8 months (Puppy Basics).

These are 4 week programs delivered via a closed Facebook Group, so is only available if you are on Facebook at this stage.  Cost for each 4 week program is $75 and includes:

  • Comprehensive workbook (approx 25 pages emailed as a PDF) 
  • Weekly homework tasks
  • Access to a closed Facebook Group which has:
  • Short training and information videos (approx 6-8 videos for each week)
  • A range of information sheets on a variety of topics (in addition to the workbook)
  • The chance to ask questions on any training or behaviour topic
  • Opportunity to post videos/photos for feedback

These are self guided programs that you can work through at home at your own pace, but you can check in as often as needed for help and advice via the Facebook group or email.  I realise that lots of people are working from home and teaching kids at home and the last thing you want is more computer time!  The videos are short, they're 2-4 mins each so you can just watch one at a time whilst drinking your coffee, and then go and practice with your dog!

If you'd like to register, please complete the Registration Form on this page, and nominate the date you'd like to join.  Payment of $75 is required at the time of booking.  Once your Registration Form and payment is received, I will email further information to you including the link to the Facebook Group.

STEP BY STEP FOR PUPPIES - For Pups 8 weeks - 4 months - Join Any Time

  • Toilet training
  • Biting/mouthing/chewing
  • Sit/lie down/stand still
  • Introduction to coming when called
  • Introduction to lead walking
  • Socialisation and Confidence building
  • Problem prevention (multiple topics)
  • ...... and much more

PUPPY BASICS - For Pups 4 - 8 Months - Join Any Time

  • Staying calm when out and about
  • Settle and relax at home
  • Loose lead walking
  • Coming when called
  • Polite greeting with other dogs and people
  • Games and tricks



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