Private Dog Training

Download Private Training Questionnaire

Private lessons in your home are best for problems that can't be addressed in a group class, or if you are unable to attend regular classes.  Every dog and family situation is different, so the training is tailored to your needs.,

Please contact me before completing the Private Training Questionnaire to check that I can help you with your dog's training and behaviour.  Whilst I can help with most problems, some do require more specialised help. I cover most, but not all, areas of the Central Coast, so I also need to confirm that I travel to your area.

Please use the Contact Us page to send an email with a brief description of your dog's training needs or behaviour problem(s).  I am more likely to be able to respond promptly to an email than a phone call, as both you and I can reply to each other at convenient times.  

The initial lesson is for 2 hours.  This gives us time to talk in detail about what is happening, practice some training exercises that will help, and put together a training, behaviour modification and management plan for the coming weeks.  However if you have multiple dogs and/or more complex behaviour issues to address, a longer consultation of 3 hours will apply.  At the end of the lesson I will give you an idea as to what progress you can expect to make, and the time frames involved including when a follow up lesson is recommended (if required).

A 2 hour in-home lesson is $210, if a 3 hour lesson is required, the cost is $280, an additional $40 travel fee applies to some areas. 

My available times for in-home lessons are very limited due to all the group training classes I run.  Generally I'm only available on Thursday mornings for in-home lessons, but occasionally I may have other times available, so please check with me.  If my times aren't suitable, I will refer you to another qualified trainer.

Bookings need to be made at least a week in advance so that I can prepare training material and research any additional information that's required for your individual situation.  

You will need to complete the Private Training Questionnaire and return it to me so that I have as much information as possible beforehand.  This also saves time on the day if I have this in advance.

It is so incredibly important to get advice from an experienced and qualified trainer when you are dealing with a dog who has any behaviour problem, but especially a serious one such as aggression or anxiety.  Unfortunately the dog training industry is unregulated, which means there are too many people offering advice without having the knowledge to do so, which can potentially have very serious outcomes.

Getting help from a qualified trainer who has lots of experience in using reward based training, gives you the best chance of a permanent solution or improvement without any side effects.  There are so many factors that influence your dog's behaviour including their individual personality, their past experiences and what is happening to and around them at any given time.  You need someone who can identify what's really happening, and not give a "one size fits all solution", or a "quick fix" which often only provides a temporary fix, and doesn't actually address the underlying problem.

Please contact me if you are concerned about your dog and their behaviour, the sooner problems are addressed the better the chance of a quick resolution.

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